Original Art by Deborah Garner

My work is a personal representation of the universal, a visual language of color and form that coalesces to evoke the Life Force energy that animates all things.

I create from an emotive place, expressing in the moment, with little intellectual forethought as to the end result. I am often surprised and delighted by what emerges from this direct approach. Nature’s infinite manifestations and wondrous anomalies  provide the inspiration.
Over thirty years of studying, collecting and dealing in tribal and folk-art from around the world has reinforced my appreciation of the animistic worldview and the personal expression of it.
I share these perceptions with the hope that glimpses of the metaphysical in the mundane become more commonplace as each of us take time to see and sense the wonder that surrounds us and is who we are.

WC = WaterColor  OP = Oil Painting  MP = Monoprint on the thumbnails below