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Deborah Garner

The world is an incredible treasure trove of beauty, wonder, and creative expression... if we but look.

Traditional cultures found endless inspiration and meaning in the forms, patterns and colors of Nature. Contemporary urban society may not be as acutely tuned to the nuances of seasonal change, but most still resonate in the presence of something authentic, something genuinely connected to the primal energy of the Earth, our mutual home.

As an artist, I have been inspired by the powerful aesthetic and creative whimsy of indigenous artisans around the world for many decades. Art making is natural and spontaneous in cultures still living close to the earth and everyone is, or can easily be, an artist. How I wish this for our contemporary cultures, where exposure to the pleasure of creating has been so marginalized in the educational process, that sadly most cannot even consider this possibility.

As a collector and dealer of tribal and folk art for over 30 years, my appreciation has only grown deeper through research and travel. The world is changing so rapidly, as humanity clothes itself in ubiquitous blue jeans, tee shirts. Exquisite costume, once proudly made and ceremonially worn, has gotten lost in the shuffle...

Every item in this collection was personally selected for its unique quality of expression, interesting use of material or the rich patina a humble utilitarian object acquires by a long life, well-lived and well-loved…(does it get better than that ?!)

It is my sincere pleasure to share these offerings with kindred spirits everywhere, who have the eyes to see and the hearts to appreciate... 


                                           Enjoy your visit and please come again!