Silver Indian Torque Necklace

Silver Indian Torque Necklace

This Heavy Torque Necklace Was Worn by Men and Women of Several Tribal Groups, Including the Rabari, in the Kutch Region of Gujarat, India.

It is hand-wrought in heavy silver and measures 6.5 in. across and 7 in. back to front, with a circumference of around 21 in. The engraved central disk is supported on either side by tightly coiled silver wire. Cotton/wool is stuffed into these coils for extra support. Two insets of undulating wire beads between the coiled sections accent the sides of the necklace and the large disk that serves as the visual focal point. A heavy silver screw positioned on the left allows the neck support to be opened and closed for wearing. This is a handsome example of tribal adornment and the bold design that is its hallmark. It is in very good condition. 

See Living Traditions of India: Crafts of Gujarat, by Jasleen Dhamija, (Mapin International, 1985) for similar examples.

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