Antique Tibetan "Mecha" Purse with Turquoise and Coral

Antique Tibetan "Mecha" Purse with Turquoise and Coral

A fine, antique example of a traditional purse worn from a belt by Tibetan women and men of the upper-class. This handsome object is as important for its decorative beauty as it is for its utility. A rich and lovely patina has been acquired through use.The ornate strap hanger and the central panel are beautifully carved brass with three rondels set with turquoise and a coral-toned bead in a silver bezel as the focal point.The purse cover is edged in exquisitely engraved silver.

From the wear and patina this piece seems to be late 19th-early 20th C. The entire piece including the strap measures just under12 inches. The purse itself measures 5 inches across and roughly 3 inches from top to bottom down the middle sector. It is about 1 inch deep. The bottom is encased in lattice engraved brass. An auspicious brass charm is centered on the back panel.   A leather tassel is suspended from the bottom with small silver toned decorations attached. Overall condition is good, a small brass ornamental stud and a tip of silver decoration on reverse right rear corner are missing due to age and wear. 

Old pieces such as this are getting increasingly harder to acquire. This was sourced over 40 years ago in Dharmsala. 

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