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Classic Miniature Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug

Classic Miniature Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug

This fine Navajo weaving hails from the Two Grey Hills area on the eastern side of the Chuska Mountains in New Mexico.

The somber tones of the blended natural wools create the background of light and dark gray. The central geometric design in natural white wool is accentuated by charcoal gray and crimson. A one-inch black border frames the composition and creates designs in the four corners. It is finished in the traditional manner at each corner.

Because of the fineness of the handspun wool, Two Grey Hills textiles are highly prized for the tightness of the weave. Many months are required to create even a relatively small example. This weaving measures 23.5 in. x 16.5 in. and is a handsome representation of Navajo textile art from this region.